Baird Hall

Baird Hall Outside
The primary home of the Music Department, Baird Hall is located in the Arts & Athletics Complex on the UB North Campus. It houses the following:
  • Department Office
  • Office of the Chairman
  • Office of Student Programs
  • Faculty, staff, and TA offices
  • 64 practice rooms
  • Ensemble rehearsal rooms including two rehearsal halls
  • Classrooms
  • Faculty and Student Lounges
  • Music Library
  • Baird Recital Hall

Classrooms are well-equipped with recently-updated audio and visual technology, including several large-screen LCD screens often used in courses on film music and multimedia study. Shared practice rooms containing pianos are assigned to all Undergraduates majoring in Music. Additionally, Baird Hall houses the Percussion Studio, two organ practice rooms, and instrument storage facilities. As a part of the "Academic Spine," Baird Hall is connected to the remainder of the UB North Campus through a series of elevated walkways and tunnels and is directly to Slee Hall (containing the Hiller Computer Music Studios, Lippes Concert Hall, and additional rehearsal facilities and faculty offices).

Centered in the building is Baird Recital Hall, one of two primary venues for Music Department-sponsored events. The hall is capable of seating 150, and is equipped with a stage, footlights, klieg lights, 5.1 surround loudspeaker setup, a large projection screen and control room. A more intimate setting than Lippes Concert Hall, Baird Recital Hall typically serves as the venue for chamber music performances, guest lectures, and multi/intermedia presentations.