The CONVOLUTION BROTHERS are Miller Puckette (cbro#0), Cort Lippe (cbro#1), and Zack Settel (cbro#2). The Max/Msp programming is by Zack, and the alternate controller design is by Cort, while anything that vague resembles art or science is by Miller. The three of them have appeared in concert in Paris, Japan, and the USA, as well as worldwide via live internet broadcast sponsored by Canal+, a prominent Paris TV station.

Cort met Zack and Miller in Paris, while Zack met Miller at MIT. Although all are originally from the USA, their common connection is IRCAM, the Institut de recherche et coordination acoustique/musique located in Paris, where they worked as researchers/composers at various times. Zack was prominent in the development of the ISPW, while Cort is currently working as Associate Professor of Music at the University at Buffalo, and Miller is Professor of Music at UCSD. Look up Miller on the web. Don't bother with Cort and Zack, just follow the links below. image

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