The CONVOLUTION BROTHERS are three guys, some microphones, and some of the most complicated electronic gear you've ever seen. Yeah, right. . .

Rare CIA surveillance photo

 Seriously, the CONVOLUTION BROTHERS take the immediacy of over-the-top, pedal-to-the-floor vocalizations and mix it up with real-time audio processing courtesy of the PD and Max/Msp software environments.

This sonic cuisinart is not your ordinary food-processor--it reacts to the voices and becomes another instrument, launching musical ideas of its own based on what we feed be warned, things can get a little dangerous (flak jackets required for front row seats). The end result is a merging of flesh and silicon, BTUs and CPUs. Just remember: Hawaiian shirts are strictly prohibited. . .

Note: the CONVOLUTION BROTHERS should not be confused with the imitator/impostor "Demolition Brothers", a couple of half-assed hacks who are incapable of original ideas of their own.

To find out more about the CONVOLUTION BROTHERS, click here.

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