additional parameters: ioff, irise, idec

This remarkable Tibetan harmonic chant like effect is created by
nine sinusoidal oscillators, whose frequencies are almost
identical: separated by a fraction of 1 Hz from each other.  Thus
for each component, amplitude modulation leads to its enhancement
or canceling out in turn.  In his composition 'Mutations', Risset
gives the instrument two different envelopes: one with sharp rise
and one is a more gradual rise. 

02_43_1 has been modified to choose rise and decay times from the
score file, instead of using an oscillator as envelope generator.
A very brief rise sounds like the attack of a string instrument.
The score fragment is from 'Mutations'. (Lorrain 1980: phase6;
Boulanger 1990: morefiles/risset1.orc)