James Currie

Associate Professor of Music

Historical Musicology

Ph.D. Columbia University

306 Baird Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260

tel: (716) 645-0629
fax: (716) 645-3824
James Currie

Poetry & Performance

"Down the Lane." Libretto for a one-act chamber opera, music by Diana Soh. Commissioned by Size Zero Opera Company. Tête à Tête opera festival. Riverside Studios. Hammersmith, London, UK. August, 2011.

"Surround." The Reactionary Ensemble at the Burchfield Penny Art Center as part of Beyond In Western New York. Participated as text and vocal improviser. November, 2010.

Five-hour long text/music improvisation with The Reactionary Ensemble. At Hallwalls's "Unhinged: Artists and Models Affair 21." Buffalo Central Terminal Building, East Buffalo. May 2008

"Someone had to die"—monologue for voice, tape, and musicians. Included in "Asheboro Wake," an experimental oratorio directed by Otto Muller, performed by members of Open Music Ensemble. Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, New York. May 2008.

"I will not and neither will Music"—solo performance piece with tape recorder. The Love Factory, Rust Belt Books, Buffalo, New York (see documentation at ricroyer.com/ptrsIwillnot.htm). March, 2008.

"No Music"—performance lecture. Department of English, University of Western Illinois. February, 2008.

"Collective Simulated Synaesthesia"—conceived by Stephanie Rothenberg of Pan-O-Matic. Live performative action at Toronto's "Nuit Blanc" festival (see documentation at pan-o-matic.com/docs/main.htm). September, 2007.

"Examples of Excess"—version for solo performer/dancer and two cassette players. Adam Mickiewicz Library, Filmore Avenue, Buffalo New York. June, 2007.

"Passage." Installation with the Buffalo Super Friends. At Hallwalls's "Nocturminal: Artists and Models Affair 20." Buffalo Central Terminal Building, East Buffalo. June, 2007.

"Echo to Narcissus: for Performer, Tape Recorder, and a Page from Will Redman's Book." Selections from Will Redman's Book, performed by members of The Open Music Ensemble. Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, New York. April, 2007.

Selections from Cage Songbook. Performed with Babel Vocal Ensemble. UB Art Gallery, Buffalo. April, 2007.

"Auratic Étude 1, for Schizophrenic and Rubbish Technology." Spark: Festival of Electronic Music and Arts. Southern Theater, Washington Avenue South, Minneapolis. February, 2007

"Examples of Excess." Performance lecture/theatre piece for soloists, musicians, and tape. With The Open Music Ensemble. Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Delaware Avenue, Buffalo. December, 2006.

"Examples of Excess." Performance Lecture. Collision Symposium: Inter-arts Research and Practices, University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. September, 2006.

Reading from my "Salvage Operation (in Three Parts)." P-Queue volume launch reading. Rustbelt Books. Allen Street, Buffalo. September, 2006.

Poetry reading, Sounds Café, Chartres Street, New Orleans. March, 2006.

"New Music and Poetry," Julie Harting and James Currie with special guests Enid Blount Press and Sirius String Quartet. Poets House, Spring Street, New York City. November, 2005.

"Panorama and the Veil of Song." Performance Lecture. Guest Lecture Series Department of Visual Studies, University at Buffalo. September 2005
--Voted one of the Best Concerts of the Year by Ron Ehmke, Buffalo Spree, December, 2005.