James Currie

Associate Professor of Music

Historical Musicology

Ph.D. Columbia University

306 Baird Hall
University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14260

tel: (716) 645-0629
fax: (716) 645-3824
James Currie

Courses Taught

Graduate Seminars

  • Musical Realism: Philosophical and Historical Considerations
  • Music and the Philosophy of Expression
  • On Music Playing: Philosophies of Musical Performance
  • On Deserts, Space, and Exile: Metaphors of Musical Modernism
  • Schubert and the German Romantic Distance
  • Topics in Opera: Recent Scholarly Approaches
  • Avant-Garde Music and the Question of Subjectivity, 1945-1968.
  • Adorno, Late Beethoven, and the Music of Critique
  • Enlightened Postmodernity: Music and Pluralism, Then and Now
  • Towards Emancipation: Schoenberg, “Atonality,” and the Freedom in Music
  • Symphonic Commodities: From Failure to Catastrophe (1848-1918)
  • Narratives of the Symphonic: From the Public Sphere to 1848
  • Beethoven’s Late Style: Classicism, Enlightenment, and Beyond

Undergraduate Classes (Upper-Level Electives)

  • European Music After Romanticism, 1848-1945
  • The Symphony: from the Eighteenth-Century Public Sphere to the New Millennium
  • Music in the Twentieth Century
  • Opera, Monteverdi to Minimalism
  • Western Music History Survey II: 1750-Present
  • Music and the Enlightenment: 1750-1827
  • Music in the Long Nineteenth-Century: 1789-1914