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The World Music Ensemble course is one of the UB's most unique and multi-faceted ensemble opportunities, offering instruction and performance opportunities in diverse world music traditions. Standard orchestral instruments, along with traditional instruments from Argentina, Eastern Europe and others are hallmark of the ensemble's concerts.

The UB World Music Ensemble is open to any interested musician, both music and non-music majors, undergraduates and graduates. For those who are interested in participating, you can register online or go to 226 Baird Hall, Student Programs Office for assistance.

Argentine Tango
Discover the styles of "vals criolo", the "milonga", and "tango cancion". Learn the rhythms and playing techniques of Argentine tango. In addition, the ensemble will perform music of Astor Piazzolla. The instrumentation will include: bandoneon, violins, double bass, piano, voice, and all other available instruments. Learning tango dancing will be optional.

Gypsy (European) Music
Find out the playing techniques of Romanian Gypsies, Hungarian and Russian Gypsies. Learn to play in 5/8 or 7/8 rhythms and experience various styles of stage performance.

Latin Music
The ensemble will host various groups and individuals from around the world such as Gruppo Variedad (Puerto Rico) and Miguel Benitez (Ecuador/Argentina). Small workshops with guest artists will be available to the students.

Klezmer Music
Learn the styles of Hora, Doina, Freylekhs, Bulgar and others. Discover Jewish musical traditions through listening and playing. Dancing will be optional.

Balkan Music
Learn the complex rhythms and modes of Balkan music.

In past semesters, the World Music Ensemble included such diverse instruments such as the Chinese Pipa or artists/singers from Mexico. The ensemble has studied and performed Traditional Chinese music as well as Mexican pop music.

More opportunities
The ensemble plays on and off campus for a number of events each semester and has appeared in the past at Pausa Art house, Slee Hall, and JCC in Getzville, NY. The students will also have opportunities to arrange the music for the ensemble.

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The UB World Music Ensemble is directed by Moshe Shulman. Dr. Shulman holds the PhD degree in composition from the University at Buffalo. In 2012, Moshe led the Baires Klezmer Orquestra in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Upon his return to the US he formed the Buffalo Tango Orkestra.


Upcoming Performances

Check the events page for info on future concerts


Below are videos from previous years' performances (2008-2011):

March Hora
by Ástor Piazzolla
Performed at Lippes Concert Hall
December, 2010
Ya polyubila vas
by Zemfira
Performed at Lippes Concert Hall
December, 2010

For more videos, click here.

Course Information

Auditon Information

No audition required, open to all majors. Contact Moshe Shulman for more information on the ensemble.


Undergraduates: MUS 340 TUT, registration #19647, 2.0 credits
Graduates: MUS 540 TUT, registration #19248, 2.0 credits

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals will take place Mondays from 6:00 - 8:00pm.