UB Jazz Ensemble

George Caldwell, director of the UB Jazz Ensembles, discusses his strategy of working with students, and sharing his experiences of making music with some of the great jazz performers of the 20th century.

The UB Jazz Ensemble program consists of two sub-ensembles: the Big Band is a larger, mixed ensemble, while the Jazz Combo program consists of small groups of four to six performers. The specific instrumentation for these groups varies from semester to semester based on the makeup of the students. Interested students must audition at the beginning of each semester.

Jazz Ensemble students also benefit from a variety of jazz theory and repertoire courses in the Music Department.

The UB Jazz Ensembles are directed by George Caldwell.

Upcoming Performances

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Course Information

Auditon Information

Contact George Caldwell to request an audition,
or for more information on the UB Jazz Ensembles.


Jazz Ensemble Big Band
Undergraduates: MUS 356, 2.0 credits
Graduates: MUS 556, 2.0 credits
Non-Majors: MUS 156 MFC, 2.0 credits
Jazz Combo
Undergraduates: MUS 357, 2.0 credits
Graduates: MUS 557, 2.0 credits
Non-Majors: MUS 157 MFC, 2.0 credits

Rehearsal Schedule

Big Band
Thursday, 4:30 - 6:30pm
B1 Baird
Thursday evenings (specific times TBD)