M.M. in Performance: Voice


The following is the approved normal course of study for students pursuing the M.M. degree in Vocal Performance. In all cases a student's particular program should be determined in consultation with his or her academic advisor. Customized tracks, including substitutions for required and elective courses, are encouraged but must be planned in advance with the advisor and will require the approval of the Music Department Graduate Committee.


I. Audition Requirements

Applicants should present a program of at least 20-25 minutes of music spanning the major periods of solo literature from Baroque to Contemporary, including at least one Romantic lied and one operatic aria. At least two foreign languages must be represented.


II. Recital Requirements

Two full-length recitals, one of which must include a major chamber work. This piece may occur in a separate concert (such as a concert of the student orchestra, choir or chorus, opera, etc.) Programs for these recitals should provide a good distribution of stylistic diversity and historical periods, including contemporary music. Towards satisfying this aim, the student's proposed program must be submitted to the Voice Faculty for approval approximately one semester before proposed date of recital.


III. Course Requirements

  • At least one semester of Opera Workshop (MUS 550) at the graduate level
  • All MM degree candidates in Voice must pass a diction exam during the first year toward completion of the degree
  • One semester of Vocal Pedagogy (MUS 514) An overview of various concepts of vocal pedagogy and the teaching of voice from the perspectives of theory and practice.


IV. Additional Requirements

Although there are no formal requirements beyond those listed above, it is expected that MM students in Voice will seek other performance opportunities within the department. Such opportunities are offered through noon recitals, the University choir, chorus, student composers' workshops and concerts, and chamber music, to mention a few.


V. Foreign Language Requirement

One foreign language (usually German, French, or Italian), and a special examination in the diction of all three of these languages.