M.M. in Performance: Conducting


The following is the approved normal course of study for students pursuing the M.M. degree in Conducting Performance. In all cases a student's particular program should be determined in consultation with his or her academic advisor. Customized tracks, including substitutions for required and elective courses, are encouraged but must be planned in advance with the advisor and will require the approval of the Music Department Graduate Committee.


I. Entrance Requirements

  • Departmental history and theory examinations.
  • Demonstration of performance ability comparable to undergraduate jury requirement.
  • Conducting ensemble of special interest with three conducting faculty in attendance.
  • Interview with conductor of special interest to determine musical skills not tested in the examinations listed above.


II. Course Requirements

Advanced Conducting (MUS 635) 8
Literature in specialized area (MUS 600) 4
Score reading (MUS 600) 2
Ensemble 4
Music History 4
Music Theory 4
Music Electives 8
Recitals (two, 30-45 min.)
(Written document required with each performance.) (MUS 600)
Total 36



II. Foreign Language Requirement

No requirement except Choral Conducting students: one foreign language (usually French, German or Italian). Diction exam in all three languages for Choral Conducting students.