M.A. in Music Theory


The following is the approved normal course of study for students pursuing the M.A. degree in Music Theory. In all cases a student's particular program should be determined in consultation with his or her academic advisor. Customized tracks, including substitutions for required and elective courses, are encouraged but must be planned in advance with the advisor and will require the approval of the Music Department Graduate Committee.


I. Course Requirements

554, 613 or 614 Studies or Seminar in Music Theory 4
621 Schenker Studies 1 4
629 Pitch Structures 1 4
605 or 606 History of Music Theory 4

515, 517, 525, 526,
527, 528, or 529

Music History 4
618 Bibliography 4
  Foreign Language (see II. below)  
  Thesis (see III. below) 8
Total 32



II. Foreign Language Requirement

One foreign language, normally German or French, although a different language can be substituted upon petition.

The Language requirement should be completed as soon as possible, since many graduate courses require research in a language other than English.


III. Thesis

The student must submit a final project that demonstrates advanced competence in research and writing. This project may be a thesis, a series of special papers, or a written work of equivalent scope and depth.


IV.  Retention Standards

All degree coursework must be completed with grades of "A," B," or "S.