B.A. in Music


The following is the approved normal course of study for students pursuing the B.A. degree in Music. In all cases a student's particular program should be determined in consultation with his or her academic advisor. There are 52-58 total required credit hours in music for this degree.


I. Core Requirements

  • MUS 105 Elementary Harmony and Counterpoint I
  • MUS 106 Elementary Harmony and Counterpoint II
  • MUS 211 Intermediate Harmony and Counterpoint I
  • MUS 212 Intermediate Harmony and Counterpoint II
  • MUS 213 Music History Survey I
  • MUS 214 Music History Survey II
  • Two upper-level courses in music history chosen from MUS 341, 408, 409, 410, 411, 412, 413, or 414
  • Minimum of two semesters of any ensemble (300-400 level)


II. Music Electives

Four courses chosen from

  • MUS 205 Jazz Theory
  • MUS 305 Counterpoint 16th Century
  • MUS 341 History of Jazz I
  • MUS 407 SEM Composition Seminar
  • MUS 408 The Principal Genres of Music
  • MUS 409 Music of the Middle Ages
  • MUS 410 Music of the Renaissance
  • MUS 411 Music of the Baroque Era
  • MUS 412 Music of the Classical Period
  • MUS 413 Music of the Romantic Period
  • MUS 414 Music of the 20th Century
  • MUS 416 Counterpoint 18th Century
  • MUS 437 Analysis of Tonal Music
  • MUS 438 Analysis of 20th-Century Music
  • MUS 459-498 Applied Music (Up to 2 semesters of instrumental or vocal study)


III. Senior Thesis Project

MUS 450 Senior Thesis Sem./Senior Thesis (2/4 credits)


IV. Total Required Credit Hours Outside Music (16-18)

  • Faculty of Arts and Letters Foreign Language Requirement (0-16 credits)
  • Proficiency in a foreign language through the second semester of the second year or its equivalent, to be demonstrated through classroom courses or through alternatives outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog (B.F.A. programs are excluded). S/U grading may not be selected for courses taken to fulfill this faculty requirement.
  • Electives (21-39 credits)

See "Baccalaureate Degree Requirement Summary," in the Undergraduate Catalog, for remaining university requirements.


Music Education

The Department of Music does not offer degrees in Music Education. However, students with a B.A. in Music from UB may obtain teacher certification by completing the remaining undergraduate education requirements and student teaching along with applied music study having been added to their undergraduate degree program. There are a number of different certification tracks a student may pursue, click here for more information.